For The Friend Who Doesn’t Get It

Oh. My. Word. This.

Newcomer in the Room

It doesn’t take long to understand which friends are able to support us and which aren’t. It is an ugly thing when a good friend turns out to be an opposing force.

I had another topic I was just about done writing when a text came in from one of my girlfriends. We’re supposed to be hanging out this weekend with our families, and she asked a whole bunch of questions that ended with, “What’s going on with the drinking?” I know she wants to party and have it be like old times. Old times have always included alcohol. This is the same friend who, upon first finding out my husband was attending AA said, “What? This is totally going to mess with my partying.” She was joking, but it was still irritating, making it all about her when we were dealing with something pretty serious to us.

It is…

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