Music and the feels…again

Yes, this is going to be another post about music and about musicians who rock my world. Many of you know that Ryan Montbleau is one of my entire catalog artists. His solo work, the different band configurations there have been – what it comes down to is when I do a search for Ryan Montbleau releases and I see there is one or I’ve missed one I’m purchasing it. Immediately. I first fell in love with his sound when he opened for another musician I admire greatly (Melissa Ferrick) several years ago. It didn’t take too much to hook me, and then I heard them sing “Variety”:

“I should be happy
Prime of my life
Single and wild and free”

Yeah, it’s definitely a song that makes me a little verklempt – and turns out Montbleau’s music and lyrics are only the tips of the iceberg. He’s also the sort of artist who interacts directly with his fans.

Ryan Montbleau ryan montbleu x2

That second tweet from him echoes, loudly, what several other people have and do say to me, “You have the feels. Those feels might hurt, but it’s better to feel than not.” I find myself still needing some convincing regarding that, but for this morning, if not all day today, I’m going to accept that feeling is better than the alternative.

I’m just glad I’m in a safe space with safe people so that even when I am feeling feels and thinking thoughts I can explore those feels and thoughts and (hopefully) figure out how to stop the hamster wheel.


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