Wake up

This morning’s conversation centered around laurels and the resting there on. I’ll be honest, I’m a really good laurel rester. I am also someone who misses resting on my laurels. A lot. And far more than just about any other time in my life I find myself surrounded by people who won’t let me stay there.

They’re not necessarily shoving me this or that way or in a time or direction I’m not ready for it, but they’re constantly refusing to let me just stay. No matter how much I have already, no matter how much more I want to.

For the most part my life right now is like a song by Alanis Morissette – no, not “Ironic,” but the song “Wake Up.” In the background is this chorus of folks singing,

“get up get up get up off of it
get up get up get up off of it
get out get outta here enough already
get up get up get up off of it
wake up.”

And they’re singing this song with so much love. They barely know me, but they’re absolutely chorusing at me with love. And so much as I love them for it, I hate them for it (which I’ve already written about), but I think I love them more for it. It sort of depends on the degree I’m stuck in my mental hamster wheel.

Since I’ve been told, often, to take things a day at a time I’m going to stick with being grateful for it today. Heck, I may even stick with being grateful for it right now. Anything beyond that is too overwhelming.


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