Out of town message

A thought I had this morning, “How could X person go on vacation without telling me?” Now, this isn’t a new thought. For X person it is, but there are a couple other people I’ve said as such to before. “How dare you go on vacation without letting me know first? Don’t you know it takes time to prepare myself mentally for your absence?”

This is absolutely one of those self-centered, douchey things to think.

The people I’ve said that to, that I’ve thought that about, are in no way beholden to me or responsible to me. They don’t need to run their plans by me because, turns out, I’m not their boss, their partner, their parent, or their kid. I am a friend, largely a casual friend.

Things that bemuse me further is that when I send them messages I’m not necessarily looking for an immediate response, so why do I start to panic when they do write back saying they’re out of town?

If you are one of those who I’ve given grief to for not running your plans by me – whether explicitly or passively – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a douche bag.

If you are one of those who I’ve given grief to for not running your plans by me – whether explicitly or passively – thank you. You are someone who means enough to me that I miss you when you’ve gone away and that I need even when we don’t communicate every day.


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