Practicing gratitude

So. Huzzah. I’ve lived to 35 despite about 25 years of wanting to cease. While if a friend said that to me I’d no holds say, “That doesn’t make you weak that makes you the strongest person in the world” for me I’m sitting here thinking, “Jaysus. You’re the weakest person in the world.” 

I’m so, so, so good at telling people they’re strong and worth it. It’s myself that I fail believing when it’s said to me.

Where I excel is that I know I’m not an asshole. I know I’m empathetic. While those characteristics are ones I laud in most any other person in me they’re not enough.

I can’t help, but feel I’ve been gifted with the world. Yes, there have been knocks along the way, but there’s still the loving family and friends, the security. The family of someone I know just immigrated from the West Bank. On the drive from NYC home to Maine the kids marveled over having not had to go through any police stops.

When that’s what barely double digit kids are able to marvel over what is so wrong in my life?

Today I’m going to go through my day trying to be grateful, without qualifications, my security. That I’m able to drive from my house to a Starbucks and back again. I’m not going to worry about police stopping by unbidden or undeservedly. I’m going to cuddle with a four legged beast. And watch Netflix while I shove food in my face.

Let’s practice gratitude today. 


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