Doing a thing

I’ve not written here in about two months. That’s not because I’m drinking or dead (although both have crossed my mind). It’s because I’ve gotten back up on my political activism horse.

If you follow me anywhere on social media you know I was part of a group who went down to Washington, D.C., from Maine to protest the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Specifically I went to the office of Senator Susan Collins as she’s one of my senators. We didn’t meet with her, but we met with her staff and, later, watched her vote aye on the Senate floor.

Besides pissing me off it fired up a group of St. Lawrence alumni who asked to have one of her honorary degrees rescinded. That campaign proved unfruitful, but it has opened the door with the University to further more conversation regarding rape culture on campus.

So much has been done to sweep sexual violence under the rug. We don’t want this to continue or live to see another day. It doesn’t matter if you were never a victim or survivor. We can’t allow these behaviors to be excused any longer.

We are going to continue to work towards eradicating these allowances on campus and beyond. It’s a sign of love for our university that we believe it better than this. And that we believe we can change it.

St. Lawrence helped us develop this thirst for equity and justice. It’s helped us actualize how to attain it. Let’s be a model maker in more than just a student led group. Let’s help the university be a model in more arenas.

We believe this is something that can happen. Please don’t prove us wrong.


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