New Developments

So. My name is Kate. I suffer from major depression, ADHD, alcoholism, and, evidently, borderline personality disorder.

All these things combined have me very reluctant to make commitments. I am adamantly against breaking commitments so I often don’t make commitments at all. Then this past week my father sent me an email with information about a writing symposium being held down in Biddeford in September. Six months ago it’s not something I would have even considered signing up for. Making commitments in the future prevents me from checking out.

Yet it was only a second’s hesitation to sign up for this.

It’s writing. It’s called, “Tell Me What Hurts: Storytelling and the Healing Arts.” I anticipate it’ll help me with my blogging specifically and writing generally. I want to be a better writer. I’d like to find a way to become a professional writer and I think sitting with other writers in an environment where our powers can be brought together to support each other and explore will only help my writing improve. Added bonus? It’s free.

This is the sort of thing  I wouldn’t do without feeling something can come of it. I want my writing to improve. I want to learn how to leverage the writing. I want to learn how to help others while helping myself at the same time.

I think I can be better, I think this will help me get there.

And I want to.

That’s almost as foreign a concept as thinking I’m worth it. I’m not 100% there yet, but I’m not 0% there any longer.

Thanks to the three practitioners I talk with on the regular and the friends and family who check in on me just to check in. I know there’s nothing about this that would hold up without the people in my life.

This evidence of the ADHD now concludes.


5 thoughts on “New Developments”

    1. You are, and have always been, extraordinary. I still remember conversations on those long winter evenings at the CSC. Why you leave such an imprint on our hearts—you are always seeking, mostly always real, and wise far beyond your years.

      Write a book. We need it!

      Love, Weezie

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  1. Just willing to put yourself out there to help others is an amazing task/accomplishment. You do leave imprints on people as someone above said. I think of you often even though we aren’t plugging along those long nights together anymore. Keep looking forward. Remember most of the great authors were far from perfect, that’s what made them amazing writers and people. Good luck on your new adventure!

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