Worth it

You may have noticed my tendency to go to meetings, get out, and write a post.

Today is no different.

The topic of this morning’s meeting was, “More.” We, as alcoholics, tend to be more! More X, More Now! This isn’t something that doesn’t apply to me. When I think about work, when I think about alcohol it’s more! More now! I want all the whiskey! I want to work all the hours!

However, as my Program has progressed, as my relationships with people in Program have progressed, I’m starting to think I’m more worth it. Knowing I’m not an asshole, knowing I’m a damned good employee, an above average friend are all things well and good to know, but starting to think I’m worth it is completely new and completely different.

I’ve yet to decide whether I agree or not. But I at the very least believe that you believe. And that’s a hell of a lot further than I’ve ever been before.


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