The difference between being Public and being public about the mental health battles I fight on the daily is bemusing to me. With one personal blog dedicated to my fight and contributions to two blogs with national exposure it’s not like I’m cagey about what I’ve faced inside my head, but when I’m spiraling I rarely talk about it.

That’s what makes this post so profound.

I’ve been spiraling. Fairly hard. Not for any real discernible reason, but it’s been a spiral none the less. And that might be what folks not afflicted by mental health issues don’t understand. We don’t have to be experiencing anything traumatic to spiral. Sometimes we just have to wake up in the morning. That’s where I’ve been lately. I’ve been given more responsibility at work. I work with and for people that I generally like. I have any number of creature comforts. I have an incredible support network that refuses to give up on me even when I think they should. So why the hell have I been spiraling so hard?

Also I’m obviously starting to come out of the spiral because I’m talking about it I’m just unsure how to stop the spiral. I’m not sure how to stop the spiral from happening again.


One thought on “Spiral”

  1. Could you be waiting for the other shoe to drop ? Now that you have the things you’ve wanted are you worried they will disappear? One thing is always for sure.
    You Are Loved. You have Family & Friends whom care about you and are proud of you. We are all here to help.;●{)


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