Dream come true

I’ve known for awhile that I’m a good writer. It’s that which has me writing two personal blogs and contributing to two other blogs with national exposure. However I’ve had someone ask if they could include one of my posts in a published anthology. Me. I’m going to be published in a book. It’s a dream come true, but a nightmare at the same time. It’s terrifying to have things go right. Particularly when it’s something that’s such a slice of your being being acknowledged as good. One of my biggest dreams has been to be published on paper and that’s going to happen. Life achievement: unlocked. In the words of President Bartlet, “What’s next?”


One thought on “Dream come true”

  1. Bravo!!!!!!! Write some more and get published again. This shows you how good everyone else knows you are.
    In the words oh Harry Potter ” BRILLIANT”


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