One Hour at a time

I’m fairly certain I’ve written about this before, but one of the things stressed in meetings is one day at a time. I’m knocking that down. I’m trying to take things one hour at a time. I’m fighting myself on nigh every level possible. I have to look at not cutting, not drinking, going in to work, staying at work. I have to look at it an hour at a time because anything more than that and my mind gets muddled and overwhelmed. Right now I’m looking at 864 hours sober. Longer than that without cutting. 

Life. The hardest damn thing you’ll ever do.


5 thoughts on “One Hour at a time”

  1. Is writing your safe place? For some it is very cathartic. Sometimes to see one feelings, hopes & desires in print put a new perspective on things. It can also help relieve the burden of the thoughts & feelings. Freeing if you will.
    I found my safe place through guided imagery at couples therapy.. I can close my eyes and go to that desert island and here the surf and feel the warm breeze and feel safe. It helps to have a place you feel safe. I have also found it useful to compartmentalize life sometime. When there are just to many things coming at you. I visualize an egg cartoon. I place each thing into one of the wells of the egg carton and close the lid. That way I know I can take each one out, one at a time, and deal with it. I don’t have to deal with everything all at once and become overwhelmed. So I have learned to deal with some of my daemons. We are all works in progress.
    Like Miagi said ” Breath in, Breath out, Focus.” Fined your safe place ❤
    " God grant me Serenity to Except the Thing I Can't Change, The Courage to Change the Things I Can, And the Wisdom to Know the Difference"
    I hope this helps love Cuz ;-{b


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