Straight line

i can’t track down the original post, but at some point last year one of my favorite authors – Nick Harkaway – put up a post about how every morning when he wakes up he draws a triangle on his hand. Each point has a different meaning. One is for his wife, one for his kids, one for his craft. 

After I read that I started thinking about what my three points would be. I even wrote a post for the Huff talking about how I’m going to start drawing a straight line on my hand. One point for family, one point for writing. I did well drawing that line for a few months. Then? I stopped. I stopped writing so much so often. I stopped spending so much time focusing on my family. I stopped drawing my line.

Then, the other day, I started again. I started drawing the singular line on my hand so I remember to focus on my family, my writing. I still don’t have a clue what my third point would be. I still don’t know when my line will turn into a V or, cod forbid, a triangle, but today I’m going to focus on my love for family and my love for writing. It’s not a lot, but right now it’s enough. It’s enough to keep me from picking up a drink, picking up a knife, and keeping feels in the pressure cooker of my mind without expressing them.

Today it’s more than it was in the past.

Today is today.


One thought on “Straight line”

  1. I think that if I had a triangle, I would have my higher power at the top. Next would be my sobriety. The third point would be humanity I think. I treat everyone as a brother or sister, literally like family. Correct me if i’m wrong, but today is the longest you’ve been sober, no? This certainly makes today more than the past. Every day we build on our mistakes, and I know a make them every day. I have the mistakes of others to build on as well, and this has saved me from more than one pitfall already. Today is today, and we can both make it another 24. Without a blade. Without a drink. And that’s something to smile about.

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