Not weak

I spend a lot of time mentally bemoaning this/that/the other weakness. Then I ask for help. 

I’ve never felt so strong in my life as I have this past week. I got refills on my medications. I went to multiple meetings. I shared at multiple meetings. I’ve talked to people about my really reallys. I’m not okay today, but maybe I’m not so broken as I’ve always thought? Yes, that’s almost as terrifying as the morass in my brain to begin with, but today I’m not cutting. Today I’m not drinking. Today I’m taking the medicines necessary to prevent my mental health spirals. Today I may be broken, but I’m not alone and I’m far stronger than I ever thought I was before. 

Thank you for all those helping me stand, helping me continue standing even when I don’t want to anymore.


3 thoughts on “Not weak”

  1. Congratulations! You’ve been given ‘The Sunshine Blog Award’. Check out my post ‘Award Time’ for more details. šŸ˜Š


    1. I think this is all I’ve ever wanted for you, to have just one moment where you realize it’s ok to be broken. Sometimes it’s just enough to get you through the next hour. And even if relief is in spurts, it feels like bliss just to have a moment with your head above water so you can finally take a breath. Know I understand.

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