You are loved

This week I’ve had a lot of feels. I’ve had a lot of feels for a lot of different reason. This post is going to be exponentially shorter than previous posts, I just wanted to remind friends who may also need the reminding this week that you are loved. 

You’re all so great about reminding me. You send me texts, emails, Facebook messages, Twitter direct messages, whatever our main mode of communication is – you send them telling me you love me. And I’m so grateful. I know there are some of you who understand the feeling of doing a National Geographic style hanging off the side of a cliff. All that’s keeping you afloat, keeping you alive, is a long rope and a carabiner. That’s what you are for me. You’re a carabiner refusing to let me tumble. 

And I’m grateful. Even when I don’t know or understand why, I believe that you believe you love me. And that has me waking up in the morning and getting out of bed. That has me getting safely home after work. That has me consuming a calorie every now and then. It has me not just drinking, but enjoying drinking, my morning coffee at my coffee shop of choice (for those not located in Portland, we’re lucky enough to have a lot of local options for coffee). 

This some days tenuous grasp on life has me wanting to remind you I love you. 

I may not write so prolifically or profoundly as I actively try to fight my current downswing, but don’t take my lack of profundity as a sign of anything, but love. Think instead that I’m trying to I fight my current downswing and that’s not always something I’ve tried to do.

So. Thank you. And I love you.


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