Darn that Christopher Robin

There’s a quote from Winnie the Pooh I saw recently that resonated so strongly with me I almost fell out of my chair. It’s Christopher Robin speaking to Pooh saying, “You’re braver than you believe; Stronger than you seem; And smarter than you think.” I don’t know that I necessarily believe that for myself. I’m still in doubt there ever will be a time I believe it for me, but I will never cease to say it to my friends. And, thankfully, there’s not been a time yet they’ve stopped saying it to me, nor a time I’ve stopped believing they believe it.

And I know a big part of this whole healing “thing” (yes, I gesticulated wildly and vaguely) and the whole not hating myself so much thing is going to center around believing the people I love when they tell me they love me. I also know that believing them, and forgiving myself, will be a big part of whatever’s to come. That doesn’t make it easier, that doesn’t make it feel attainable.

Thankfully, if the people in my Inner Circle haven’t given up on me yet then they’re unlikely to do so today. Although there are a lot days I wish they would so I could remove myself from their lives guilt free.

I hate being an empath.


One thought on “Darn that Christopher Robin”

  1. You know, your friends see you more clearly than you do at those darkest places. Believe them. It’s counterintuitive when it’s your own belief which needs developing, yet at these places we are telling ourselves dark lies. Love, Weez

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