Next twenty-four

If you know me in any capacity you know music is one of my greatest therapies and reminders to do the next right thing.

After today’s meeting where a white chip was given and a couple people spoke for the first time “I’m Not Okay” by Citizen Soldier hit like an even greater ton of bricks. In particular, “I’ll never have the words, I can’t explain this hell
But what if it kills me
If I keep it to myself?”

The people sharing for the first time came on the heels of someone talking about their latest sobriety’s cravings.

This is why it’s important for me to talk about my alcoholism and mental health. Twenty-eight years of silence had my demons winning.

Today I’m not ready to give in. And I’m willing to say so out loud. Which means others are able to hold me accountable when my path starts to veer off course.

Today my name is Kate with 8.5 months of continuous sobriety. With a home group, a job in my home group, and a sponsor.

I’m going to be fighting my disease for the rest of my life, but with a community ready to help me get to and through the next twenty-four hours.


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