I love you enough to stay

The other night I had a get together with friends who are currently living overseas, but are home for the holiday. I got to meet their youngest daughter, I got to hug their oldest daughter, it was a night filled with loves and laughs and small child giggles which are pretty well my most favorite sounds ever.

When I got home that night I texted my friends after to say, “I love you enough to stay.” And I realized that holds true for a lot of people in my life. If you weren’t all so present and supportive and loving it would be exponentially easier to turn around and walk away. But since you are present, supportive, and loving it’s impossible for this empath to just bounce.

Some days (okay, maybe a lot of days) I curse you for it, but then comes the day you let me cuddle with your kidlets and/or drop off buckets of chocolate at work and don’t judge me for drinking a gallon of energy drinks or flirting with active suicidality.

So for today? Thank you. I love you enough to stay. Today I’m flirting with being okay staying.


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