Being an adult sucks

What they never tell you growing up is that being a grown up flipping sucks. Instead they pepper you with TV shows and networks, magazines, movies, a culture that makes being a grown up look like the best thing ever.
And then you get to be an adult.
In theory, yes, you can buy whatever CD you want without asking if it’s okay first. You are less likely to be carded when trying to go to a rated R meeting or buy a pack of cigarettes. You also don’t have to worry about being out and about after midnight. After all, you’re an adult. You can do whatever you want.
At least that’s what society and the media tell you.
And then you graduate from high school and/or college. You get your first job, you get your first car. You have to pay for insurance and registration. All on your own. YOU have to be the one to pay the doctor’s office when you walk in (did the $100 office visits catch anyone else by surprise?). You start seeing friends around you struggling so mightily with this that and the other situation. You start realizing that, no, there really are caveats to being adult; there really are any number of things that are so far beyond our control. There really are so many things that just flat out suck. That’s what I’m finding right now. There are people I can’t save whether globally or in my own network. And I hate that.
I’m going to try and take comfort in that at least I still WANT to save everybody?

One thought on “Being an adult sucks”

  1. I agree! Being adult sucks big time!! There are times when it’s really nice and cool but once the bills start coming in I just want to go home to my mom lol

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