The Real and the Inner Circle

I have talked about it before, and likely will again, but holy Hannah I have one heck of an Inner Circle. What catches me by surprise is when I talk to my Inner Circle face to face.

I (obviously) write about things a lot. And whether that writing is in a blog post, by text, or any other form of private messaging, it’s never by voice and incredibly rarely in person. Yet today I had a coffee date with one of my Inner Circle. We then departed my Cheers and walked to the local music store, local comic book store, and local book store (I’m really proud of the Portland Buy Local scene). We bought some things (our patriotic duty), but more we talked a lot.

We talked about some of this person’s things. We talked about some of my things.

And it was awesome.

It’s never not going to be interesting to me that I’m willing to share all this Stuff, all these feelings, digitally, but never face to face. It’s as if sharing it face to face suddenly makes it Real. It’s looking in that mirror that I’m scared to be in the same room as let alone standing in front of. But I love that I can with my Inner Circle. We talked about the Real then went and laughed at movie titles. We thumbed through comic and real books. We did all this so the Real felt a little less Real. I’m so grateful for that.


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