I’m a creature of habit. To the point even the baristas at a ‘Bux I frequent know what I order. I rarely watch something new and different on Netflix. I read the same books over and over again. 

And that’s okay. When I watch the same things, read the same books, order the same pizza, drink the same drinks, I’m not doing other things. 

What’s bemusing about that though is my mental space when one aspect changes. I pick up on it so quickly. I end up with four flavor shots in my iced tea, a favorite show is removed from my Netflix queue, one of my ebooks won’t open.

This throws my entire modus operandi  off. 

I’m trying to remember this is okay. Change isn’t horrible. Change isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Change is even, dare I say it, a good thing. 

I still hate it.


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