It’s okay

Last night into today I’ve been struggling with what the heck I’m going to post about today. I could write about this aspect of my mental health issues, that aspect, this part of my attempted healing, how that person made me feel (in a good way), that person (in a less good way) whatever. If you’ve stuck with me this long you know where my mind tends to center, but this morning I opened my wordpress app, opened a new post, and stared at the blankness for half an hour. 

I wasn’t able to type a damn word. I just stared down, drank my coffee, and thought about how I’m not writing. 

Then it struck me. 

An added bonus of this space has been helping other people, but the main purpose has been about helping me. The only person holding me to a post a day is me. Today is about me saying it’s okay I’m not breaking my brain to write about whatever. I’m going to put one foot in front of the other – one word after the other. I’m going to take a deep breath. Do the next right thing. Anybody I help along the way is gravy on the poutine.


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