I’m sorry

When I hear about things that have happened negatively in a loved one’s life and I wasn’t there for them in the moment I apologize for having not been there. But that’s as selfish as not helping them. Me saying that is like me saying, “My feelings are more important than your reasons for not sharing your current events with me.”

So I’m sorry to everyone I’ve said something like that to recently of whom there are many. 

I love you.


4 thoughts on “I’m sorry”

  1. I have read through some of your post as a way to get to know you which i apologize for not doing previously. What I want to scream is HOW CAN I HELP. Most importantly you are loved by your whole family . Lean on us when you have trouble loving yourself. i know it can be hard. There was a time when I thought the world would be a better place without me. But my loved ones helped me through it. I also suffered at the hands of bullies, being a friendly soft spoken extremely tall skinny kid. I learned how to stand up to them. I gained weight and turn my height to my advantage. Being in recover means you choose each day. Fifteen years later I choose each day not to smoke. I smoked two packs a day for 30 years. I have asthma and have had heart related issues because of it You know how. You said it by being a dry drunk. We are here to support you. When you go to meeting it brings a whole new family to support you. I wish I could have gotten my sister to make the choice. so you see it runs in the family. With all this said……….It has taken alot of stuff to get you here where you are. Retain the good, Learn from the bad. Start each day with I choose. I wish there was a magic wand. You are not alone….Each day is the first day. Great thing about life is each day you get a do over from the previous. Remember It is not all your fault and you can’t fix everything. Only God can do that Love You Kate and I am here for you if and when you need me Cuz


    1. What an amazing comment, cuz. Thank you. Leaning on folks for support is something I’m slowly (albeit very slowly) learning to do.


      1. Just want you to know you are not alone. My sister was an non recovered alcoholic. Your Great Aunt Dot lost her life to alcohol to soon. I am here to talk, bust, sick jokes and basically get you to make yourself smile and be happy because you have all the control. I keeping thinking of that line from Good Will Hunting. ” It’s not your fault” I would change it to say in this case” It is not all your fault ” You are Young. You are a Talented Writer. You are very intelligent, don’t hide. I believe we are on this earth to experience life. In heaven we can know it all but until you hear a babies first cry you or see the might of the ocean or the magnificence of a humming bird in flight you don’t know all so go lock yourself out of your car, slip on a banana peal and don’t worry about those people. be you cause you are pretty amazing. All you can do is try your best. At the end of the day if you have a roof over your head…Family and friends whom love you….and something that ignites your passion WELL ;-{b


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